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Iridium Services is Your Clinical Documentation Specialists  


With several decades of experience in the Medical  Transcription Industry, Iridium Services will provide you with clinical documentation solutions that meet your specific needs.

We service a wide range of healthcare providers ranging from multi-specialty practices, clinics, imaging centers, surgery centers and hospitals throughout the entire United States.

It all starts with Quality.  We don’t just talk about it.  We measure and manage Quality to assure that your clinical documentation surpasses the strictest of accuracy ratings.  Iridium Services uses AHDI and MTIA quality measurement standards.

Iridium Services offers both phone-in and digital dictation methods to provide your Physicians with the ultimate flexibility.

Our state-of-the-art Internet technology allows automated voice file and report delivery ensuring rapid turn around time that meets your business needs.

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Iridium Services has career opportunities for experienced Medical Transcriptionists seeking challenging and fulfilling positions.